Automotive Painting from Impact Collision Center

Automotive painting is a skill honed over time and with the right expertise, a good paint job can literally make or break the value of your car.  Our automotive paint specialists are I-CAR Gold certified with years of experience and the finest tools available.  You can trust your paint job will be second to none.

Custom Paint Jobs

A custom paint job needs to be done right.  From the surface prep through each coat and into the finalization, if your car’s paint is not done right it can lead to both physical and cosmetic problems.  Our automotive paint technicians are highly skilled and I-CAR Gold certified in all aspects of automotive painting.  Whether you want a candy apple red coat or flames around the fenders, we have you covered.

Touch-up Painting

Scratches happen.  Whether from a tree on the roof or a door in the next parking space over, there are things all around your vehicle threatening the protective coating of paint on it.  A scratch left along can result in more chipped paint and rust on the body of your car.  Taking care of scratches quickly will save both time and money.  Let our automotive painting specialists  take can of any touch up paint your car needs.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our automotive painting comes with a lifetime warranty as long as you own your vehicle.  If you ever have a problem with the work we have done, just come back in and we will take care of it.

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